Proposed Government Hierarchy

The Proposed New Government Hierarchy
All Committees should include one person from each of the following fields:

Agriculture | Communications | Commerce | Education | Energy | Environment | Foreign Affairs | Health | Housing | Justice | Labor | Legislative | Military | Treasury | Transportation

The Presidential Committee will be people with the most expertise and top of their field, essentially the Head of Departments. The State and County Committees include the next highest person in their field from that respective area.
All states will adhere to Legislation made by the Presidential Committee and all Counties will adhere to all Legislation set forth by both the Presidential and State Committees, while still being able to make their own Legislation. All Towns and Cities must adhere to all Legislation set forth by all Committees.

A massive highly secure dedicated voting network consisting of approximately 10,000 servers would be established Nation wide to enable voting to be truly accurate and secure while allowing voters to vote on anything and everything when and where they want to.

If you have something better or something to add, adjust or whatever, lay it on us!