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Doesn't really matter who you try to elect until you change the system itself. The party system has failed miserably. They only see two sides of any situation, when in fact there are thousands of possibilities which they continually ignore. Even more so when it doesn't serve their best interests. Without changing the system you only allow more of the bullshit you don't want to happen to happen.
My best suggestion would be to elect someone that isn't in the media. Why? Simple. If they aren't in the media that means those in power don't want them to be known. Another reason is because you don't want a candidate who is willing to take office and sit in a seat that's not even on land that is part of this country. If you vote for anyone in the media you are only falling prey to their game once again...
If you really want to prove how corrupt the system is and how your individual vote really doesn't matter, put your name in the ballot box. If every American did this and the candidate still won, well should be proof enough. Votes are bought with money behind your back not by the count of citizens. That's just a front to keep the mindless sheeple happy...
There is literally enough money in the system that every single human being could live in luxury and live a healthier more productive life. But greed and arrogance and power has corrupted those we have elected and now use the system to benefit them and their families and not to the people for which it was constructed for...


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